Name Milo
Age 8 months
Gender Male
Colour -
Fur Type Border Collie
Rescue Cat

I am sadly having to rehome my beautiful border collie Milo, due to my circumstances changing at home. He is 8 months old and comes from a farm with his father being a worker dog. He has had a small amount of training from me and at home. He will sit and lie down on command, he will sit and wait for his food, he comes back when called when out on walks. He is loyal and playful. He likes to chase after sticks when out and about, he loves to play catch with a ball. Milo has a few small issues, he doesn't like to be groomed or have his paws touched, and he doesn't like it when you put his harness on. I think these issues could be sorted out if he is placed with someone who has the time and resources to do so, which sadly I don't have.

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