This is one of the most fundamental parts of the branch work. Fostering is very difficult to outline, as it very much depends on the individual circumstances.

foster for RSPCA Kidderminster

People who want to foster dogs and cats really need to be home for part of the day. This is only fair to the animals. You need to have had experience of the animal you will be caring for and have suitable accommodation. Usually fosterers do not live in rented accommodation, but we can work round that with permission of your landlord. If you want to foster, our fostering co-ordinator will visit you, and have a chat to see if fostering will suit you and your lifestyle.

If successful, you will then be able to start accepting animals into care. Animals are given a pre-homing assessment by the fosterer to enable us to most suitably home the animal. Whilst in your care, animals will always need a trip to the vets. All animals leaving our care are microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. This may be something to consider before you apply, as you will need transport to get to the vets. If you foster an animal, you must accept that potential adopters will want to visit your house to see the animal. This will only happen after they have been home visited for your protection, and a member of the branch can be present to supervise, so you don't have to be alone. This is usually a pleasurable experience as it is very rewarding to see an animal get a new owner.

The branch supplies all you will need such as food, cat litter etc. We also pay petrol costs if you need to take an animal to the vet, you just keep a record of your mileage if you want to claim it back. Fostering for the RSPCA shouldn't cost you a penny. We don't just need people to foster cats and dogs, we need other animals fostering too such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Fostering is a highly rewarding thing to do. By adopting you can help 1 animal in need, by fostering you can help 10 times more in a year. If you think you can help with animal fostering please contact the branch.


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