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Legacies are vital to our financial security. A Legacy will ensure that the vital work we carry out through the RSPCA Kidderminster & District Branch continues for years to come.

More than half of the RSPCA's annual income comes from gifts left by our supporters in their Wills, so legacies save one in two of the animals we help. We all need a little nudge from time to time, whether it's to find where we left the car keys or to remember the people and things we care most about in life.

After taking care of your loved ones, please give a thought to your favourite animals and leave a gift in your will. If you are making a Will, please remember that the Kidderminster & District branch and all the other RSPCA branches are separately registered charities. So, if you would like the animals in your local area to benefit, we would respectfully suggest that your legacy wording reads as follows:



I give the sum of £……….(or specify a share of my residuary estate)
to the RSPCA Kidderminster & District Branch, Registered Charity number 205708
RSPCA Charity Shop, 21 Lombard Street, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire DY13 8DT for its general charitable purposes.

I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of the said charity shall be sufficient discharge thereof, for the said legacy.


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