If you need to rehome your own cat

We are very sorry to hear you are having to consider rehoming your cat.

Unfortunately we do not have an animal centre, and are just a tiny local branch who rely on a small number of volunteer fosterers so we have limited space to be able to bring owned cats in for rehoming.

With so many rescues already bursting at the seams it will not be easy to find your cat a rescue space. Please ensure you really have exhausted all chances of rehoming with friends, family and colleagues, before contacting a rescue.

You also need to bear in mind that when a cat comes into rescue it will be in either an outdoor foster pen or an indoor foster room until a new home can be found - this could takes weeks or even months, especially during kitten season (April-Nov). Bearing this in mind dependant on the circumstances surrounding you needing to rehome your cat, please consider whether you could perhaps keep your cat and just restrict access to various parts of the house, or whether you, or anyone you know, could offer the same until a new home can be found. Cats will often be much happier remaining in their own environment with restricted indoor/outdoor access rather than moving to a new and strange environment in foster care.

Under NO circumstances advertise your cat as 'free to a good home' via the Internet. Dog fighters scour the internet looking for 'free animals' to use as dog bait for their fighting dogs. This is not where you want your cat to end up. If you are unable to keep it you still have a responsibility to ensure it ends up in a really good home. So if you are rehoming to someone you don't know, insist you visit their home beforehand. Any genuine person will not have an issue with this.

All rescues are generally very full, but if you really can't see a way to keeping your cat then you will need to contact as many cat rescues as possible in the area to see if any have a space and can help. Here's a link to a website which details all the local cat rescues, there is also the Blue Cross at Bromsgrove who may be worth a call:

Find a local cat rescue

If you would like to be added to our waiting list then please click on the link below, and complete our online form: 

Please note, if you are not within the branch area, all we will be able to do is recommend you try other rescues on the link above. For details of which areas we operate in please see our adoption policy.

Kind regards
Kidderminster RSPCA